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House in Port Harcourt

Are you thinking on renting a good apartment or house in the heart of Port Harcourt city but still don’t know the best area to check? If yes this article is for you, DessyDee Consortium has compiled this list of 15 best places for our home seekers to read & make their relocation process easier and seamless.

1. Woji

Woji is very safe with a good road network and the light condition there is amazing. The landlords increase rent according to increment in light supply time. Some areas are cool but be mindful of mini Woji. Boys are not always smiling there.

2. Odili Road

Odili road is expensive but you have malls, gas stations, restaurants, hotels everywhere and it is just adjacent Trans Amadi – the industrial hub of the city. It has some of the finest estates and big boys. If you are planning to open a business, expect premium clients.

3. Elekahia Housing Estate

Elekahia housing estate is enclosed and the houses are old but the other parts have some thugs in patrol at night. Select your choice according to your shock immunity.

4. Amadi Flat

Amadi Flat to Forces Avenue is the centre of greenery but your next neighbour may be an ex governor who will not care when the transformer goes off because government still fuels his gen. However, you are secure because it houses the govt house, police headquarters, EFCC and the DSS headquarters.

5. Marine base

Marine base used to be scary but it is no longer. With the new NDDC headquarters presence, more good things will come. Plus the light condition is fantastic. But you see the waterside area, avoid it.

6. Ogbunabali

Ogbunabali is partly a market and a hood. If you can’t tolerate community influence, shift because Abali boys are not preachers of love.

7. Diobu

Diobu is rough but things are cheaper there. You can stroll to Ikoku if you have a bad car or visit Mile 1 or Mile 3 to buy foodstuffs that are sold 200% of the cost in Odili road and co. If your furniture is bad, Timber market is in Illabuchi and if you need to print at cheaper rates, try education bus stop down to Afikpo street.

8. Tank Elimbu Axis

Tank Elimbu has affordable self contain house in Port Harcourt but prepare your mind for frustrating holdups.

Oyigbo is cool especially if you are into a business that needs you visiting Aba always but try adopting Igbo as your second language first.

9. Akpajo

Akpajo is perfect if you work in Onne, Indorama, the refinery or Notore. However, you must learn to wakeup early or spend one quarter of your day sometimes at Akpajo junction on your way to work.

House in Port Harcourt

10. Elelenwo

Elelenwo is an amazing place to rent a house. You can shop at oil mill market instead of going to Aba, but if you lose your phone to street robbers, consult the local vigilante instead of the police. With N5k for investigations and N3k for transport, your phone can be returned to you in 24 hours.

11. Borokiri

Borokiri is an organized hood but be careful how you lift your shoulders there or they will be trimmed. If you work, always show love to boys in the area and ask well before you toast any girl there. Toasting the wrong babe has sent many young boys to early graves.

12. Okujagu

Okujagu is not for the faint of heart. However, there are two worlds. one for the insane and another for the sane. If you are sane, stay on your lane and you will only hear the rumours of the terror exhibited by the insane. By no means should you cross into the insane world. Remain in your own world and remain safe. But be mindful of the slaughter junction at night.

13. D-Line

D-Line is well-spaced. If your car is above N10m, drive always with your two eyes open. And if you like Bole and fruits, you have the best of both worlds close by.

14. New GRA

New GRA runs a 24/7 nightlife. The battle is between nite clubs and churches. One particular church owns one-third of the properties there. Once you park into your apartment, you are on your own. If you do not have enough money, do not enter a club there.
It is still the delight of PH city and links to almost every major centre in the city and it is bordered by two most important roads in PH – Aba road and Ikwerre road.

15. NTA Road

Before you park into NTA road, buy two generators (one diesel and one petrol) plus an inverter. They probably offended NEPA and they laid a curse on the area. However, if you are still young and single, it is closer to Uniport and you can access RSUST from behind. By the side to Iwofe, there is a college of education there, and down to the north of it, a midwifery /nursing school resides there. Enjoy your stay but make a budget for fuel except you stay around Obiwali area of it that enjoys the federal line.

When you know the area well, you know where to rent a house in Port Harcourt and how to live. If you still have any problem picking a perfect place to rent kindly contact us to make the process more easier for you.

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