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Real estate is one of the most profitable investments that has a high potential for success. The investment, however, must be done correctly. Experts and operators in this line of business have often stated that investment in real estate comes with many advantages. They also noted that investors could enjoy a steady income flow that might lead to financial freedom when their investments blossom.

According to experts, the benefits of investing in real estate are enormous, as they noted that majority of people invest in this line of business for the steady flow of cash. They added that most real estate investors earn steady revenue that comes in the form of rental income. Operators in the housing sector stated that depending on the location, the investor could be earning significant income to cover his expenses and make extra money on the side.

Apart from the fact that Abuja is the Administrative capital city of Nigeria, it is also located at the centre of the country’s geographical space. Abuja is a well-planned city which has been in construction since 1980 to replace Nigeria’s most populous city (Lagos) as the federal capital territory in the year 1991. According to research conducted by the real estate experts in October 2017, rents in Abuja have risen as high as 94% over time.

The survey conducted by the aforesaid experts reveals the rental growth in the residential property market within the FCT. More people now move into the FCT for businesses, federal government employment, contracts, and for other similar reasons. In this article, we will shed more lights on why one should prioritise having Commercial or Residential properties in Abuja over other locations in the country.

The terrain of the city is somehow comprising of hills and mountains in nature which could pull challenges to development yet proper strategy and plan are been carried out to execute long term projects like real estate development and road construction developments.
The city of Abuja is beautiful as haphazard developments are been controlled by the urban planners to ensure the type of building that are erected.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Abuja Real Estate

Abuja City Gate

There are some basic reasons that shows why one should invest in Abuja of which some of us would have in some point come across this. Well this will give you more insight to what you already know about investing in real estate in Abuja.

  • Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities in the world

Growth means increasing population. Increasing population means further demand for housing as well as goods and services. Further demand means rising real estate value. Rising real estate prices is great news for property investors.

  • Properties in Abuja now appreciates fast

Generally speaking, having properties in Abuja brings more profit than any other place in Nigeria and this is confirmed by every real estate expert in the city. For instance, a land sold in Gwarimpa for an average of NGN3.5Million 5 years ago cannot be gotten for anything less than NGN10million in today’s market.

  • Unpredictable Inflation Rate

Real Estate investment is the third most profitable business all over the world After Internet Technology and Stock Market investment. They yield better than most fixed deposit account because inflation might significantly devalue the money in your deposit account but it usually has little effect on properties since the price can always be adjusted according to the latest realities.

  • Prestige purpose and social status

Abuja is the abode for high profile individuals like top class government officials, high-class politicians, International Emissaries, Expatriates, among related others. As a result, this makes the demand for luxury houses higher than other places like Lagos and Port Harcourt. Investing in Commercial or residential properties in some targeted areas in Abuja will sell faster than some other place in the country. A serious capitalist should see this factor as an advantage and avenue to multiply wealth.

  • Plenty of undeveloped land

Given the abundance of undeveloped land. You can invest in almost any kind of real estate you like. Be it residential or commercial. Shops or flats. Schools or shopping centers. The opportunity for investment is almost unlimited.

  • Property finance is available

There has been an Increased focus on mortgages and payment plans, especially with new construction homes. The government has promised to recapitalize various lending institutions and simplify application processes. This will give more people access to the finance needed to become homeowners and thus reduce the nation’s housing deficit. Application for mortgages used to take years but now you can get an answer in months.

Note: Investing in real estate in abuja can ensure profit maximization when carried out in the right way but ensure to take due diligence especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the market to avoid being a victim to fraudsters. So be sure that you conduct a personal research to know more about the market and or consult us before diving in to invest.

How to invest in Abuja real Estate

When it comes to profitable property investment, Abuja is a great location. You just need to know the simple steps needed to ensure you make a sound investment.

DessyDee Consortium can help guide you through the whole process from identifying the best neighborhoods in Abuja, to getting you the best deals and doing the paperwork. Get in touch today.

Although when looking at where to invest in real estate in Nigeria, don’t consider only Abuja because there are other cities that her property market is equally big, fast growing, comparable and competitive beyond expectation and ensure profit maximization from investors. Cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Owerri and Onitsha can also be considered to invest in real estate in Nigeria.

We hope you have gained some knowledge from this article. Remember to contact us when you want to invest in Abuja real estate.

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