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What is Fractional Ownership Investment

Fractional Ownership Investment is a percentage ownership in an asset. Fractional ownership shares in the asset are sold to individual shareholders who share the benefits of the asset such as usage rights, income sharing, priority access and reduced rates.

Fractional Ownership divides a property into more affordable segments for individuals and also matches an individual’s ownership time to their actual usage time. 

A fractional share gives the owners certain privileges, such as a number of days or weeks when they can use the property.

For investment in our Yellowgate Residences,Lekki Phase One,

4bedroom serviced and furnished terrace triplex;

9m( fixed 4 weeks annually for 20years ownership investment )

15m ( fixed 6 weeks annually for 20years ownership investment)

25m ( fixed 12 weeks annually for 20years ownership investment)

50m ( fixed 24 weeks annually for 20years ownership investment )

Weekly service charge is twenty thousand Naira only(#20,000) based on Ownership option. E.g 4weeks Ownership is 80k annually.

Serviced luxury 3 bedroom flat overlooking the aerial view of Lekki Phase One, Lekki-Ikoyi bridge and Ocean Parade, Banana Island,Civic Towers, and Mobil House VI, HOTR with breathtaking rooftop clubhouse and rooftop gym,rooftop spa and jacuzzi.

24/7hrs pay as you use electricity, water and elevator with security,fractional ownership investment for a particular month annually for 20year period.

6m (fixed 4 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

8m (fixed 6weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

10m (fixed 8weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

15m (fixed 12 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

30m (fixed 24 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

Weekly service charge is seventeen thousand,five hundred (#17,500)

You can find fractionals in many exclusive, world-class resort destinations in the Caribbean and at major tourist centers around the world.

Our 2bedroom maisonette option;

5m( fixed 4 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

7m (fixed 6 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

9m (fixed 8 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

13m (fixed 12 weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

26m (fixed 24weeks annually for 20 years Ownership investment)

Service charge for a week is fifteen thousand (#15,000)

Fractionals first became available in the United States in major ski states like Colorado and now available for the first time in Lagos,Nigeria by Soe properties Limited in partnership with DessyDee Consortium.

The exceptionally high real estate costs and consequent inability for most to afford a holiday or vacation home near or in city centres made these locations the ideal fractional ownership locations.

Later, fractionals became popular in golf-oriented and beach communities as well as high brow communities like Lekki Peninsula.

Does The Property Appreciate in Value?

Fractional ownership is the best kind of ownership if you want to invest in your future and family – not for financial purposes.

Fractional ownership in Single Family Residences has the highest opportunity to appreciate in value.

This is because in the future buyers may want to buy the home as a primary home.

This is why vacation funds are started by single-family residences for their investors.

Fractional ownership 
in a estate appreciates in value because the property is appreciating with age and becomes more attractive as a vacation destination.

Investing in Your Lifestyle

Conventional real estate developers understand that folks who invest in whole ownership real estate are always looking for some appreciation. Fractional & Wholesale developers also understand this but offer a bit more to the value. 

Fractional ownershipinvestment are first sold as an “investment in your lifestyle.”

With fractional ownership, you spend longer time living in luxury vacation accommodations because there are fewer owners in comparison to a hotel. You experience the finer things in life together without the insanely high budget.

Fractional properties offer a more relaxed vacation experience. There is far less hustle and bustle for vacationers when arriving and departing because the management team and staff take care of all the details.

Owners have access to state-of-the-art accommodations in this location, as well as staff who attend to every detail from housekeeping, shopping, laundry and even a concierge.

The abundant five-star amenities are extravagant and exclusive.

Bequeath Ownership to Your Children

The benefit of fractional ownership is the memories and the investment you are putting into family. Investing in fractional real estate one expects fantastic monetary return, but the greatest return of fractional ownership is sharing special times with your family and friends. The ownership can be bequeathed to your children, so the property can be part of the family for generations.

Professional Management

Most fractionals are operated by well-known real estate companies that have reputations for providing top-notch service at exclusive resorts, estates and apartments.

Return on Your Investment

The ROI can’t be defined by money alone. Average of 10% annual increase.

Fractional ownership offers the benefits of a luxury resort with appreciation potential without the costs associated with maintaining a second home. 

They offer more space, amenities and more access per year than a timeshare, and allow you to bequeath ownership to your children.

Also can be used as An income generator in Airbnb and/or short stay apartments rental when not in use.

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