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Do you want to buy land in Nigeria? Do you want to invest into landed properties in Nigeria? If yes this article is for you

Land document in Nigeria

There are lots of things you need to put to consideration before making that decision. Our top focus here at DessyDee Consortium is to help Nigerians & those living in diaspora secure affordable landed properties in different fast growing locations in Nigeria & Dubai, in building their dream homes and enjoy consistent cash flow from capital appreciation which is the reason we spend 99% of our time educating our blog visitors how to acquire landed properties in different parts of Nigeria & Dubai without falling victims of scam & fake documents

By sharing detailed steps on how to spot buy land in Nigeria at cheapest price, to key documents you should ask before buying, paying for your next private property in selected location, we strive to position our website as the number one source for everything land in Port Harcourt & other parts of Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians have paid millions into a real estate company’s account, all the name of property acquisition and at the end lost everything due to negligence and lack of right information.

In this article, I will be sharing some things to consider before buying land in Nigeria with common errors you should avoid

1. Location

Location is the number one thing to consider when buying land in Nigeria. This is the foundation for other things you need to check.

The location will determine what value the land will be in the future because a land in a developed area will cost more than a land in developing area.

Another reason to consider location when buying land is that you need to consider if the location of the land is fast attracting development.

No one will like to buy land that the location is slow in developing.

Advice when trying to consider location:

  • If you’re making an investment, don’t buy land with no resale value.
  • If you’re aiming at starting up a business, don’t buy land completely isolated from potential customers.
  • If you’re looking to build a house, don’t buy land you can’t build on.

2. Land Size

If you want to buy land in Nigeria you need to put the size of the land you are buying into consideration to make sure the size is accurate. For instance if a land owner tells you the land is one plot, it is your responsibility to make sure the size is accurate.

3. Soil Quality and Composition

Soil quality and composition will determine how you build your new house or factory.
It will tell you the kind of additional money you will spend on the land when the time comes. It will tell you if you will need to do any landfilling.

When it comes to building, soil composition can impact:

  • Cost of building foundations
  • Amount of earthworks required
  • Stability and land retention

4. Shape of Land

The shape of land is also important to consider before buying land in Nigeria, if you intend using the land for housing purpose, you will need a land that has relatively good shape; this is because the shape of land can very much affect the design of a house.

There are certain shapes of land that can make you lose some spaces that should have been included in the house to be built. This is because connecting the sides of the irregularly shaped land might be quite a task for an architect, and that might lead to the loss of some spaces that would have been part of the house. However it is the responsibility of an architect to produce functional and beautiful design regardless of the shape of the land, but it is always advisable to buy a land with relatively regular shape

5. Accessibility

Being able to have great access to your property is a big thing to look out for before acquiring land in Nigeria. You wouldn’t want to stalk your neighbor all the time just because you want to gain access to a property you bought with your own money.

Good road network will guarantee easy access to the location of the land you intend to buy, it is necessary to consider how you can access your land from major road before buying it. Always make sure you resolve the issue of access road with a land owner before buying a land. If there is no evident access road to your land, make sure the land owner provides one in order not to face problems in the future.

6. Zoning Restrictions

It is important to know the zoning permits of the area you are trying to buy land in, as this will help you know the plans the government has for that area.

You will not be allowed to build a factory where the government has already marked for residential building. You need to know this so you do not have issues with the government in the future.

Even if the area is for residential buildings, know the kind of buildings the government permits in the area.
Building a skyscraper in an area where the government requires bungalows is going to cause you issues with the government.

You must make sure a land is genuinely registered before buying it, except if you intend to register the land yourself, and if that is the case, let there be an agreement between you and the land owner because if you are the one to register the land it should affect the way you negotiate the price of the land.

A lot of people think that the best document to check for is the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy). But that is not good enough because any land with C of O in Nigeria only has 100 years to be used before the land comes back to the Government.

So imagine that the land you are planning to buy has already been used for 30 years; that means you only have 70 years to use that land.

The main documents to check for is the

  • Survey Plan
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Excision and
  • Gazette

This will help you know if the land is under government acquisition or is free. You will also know what the land can be used for with the help of these documents.

WARNING: Notwithstanding, you can still buy land and register it yourself, but make sure you are buying it from a genuine owner.

8. Security

You should ask yourself how secure is this area I want to buy land, you must be sure of the security of the area where the land is located. this is necessary in the sense that if the area is not very much secure, you can make plans for the security of your properties early enough.

You don’t want to buy a land where hoodlums will always disturb you or where thieves will always visit you.

9. Price Of Land

I decided to leave this until you have checked to confirm the other things I listed above first, as they will determine what the price of the land should be.

For example, land without any title can never be priced the same as land with a C of O.
Because each of these titles costs money to get, the owner will definitely add these expenses to the cost of the land.

Also, the location of the land has a lot to say about how the land will be priced.

Finally, buying land in Nigeria from a professional real estate consulting firm like ours will help you overcome all these challenges! Yes. We have landed properties in great locations like Port Harcourt, Owerri, Asaba, Anambra, Lagos, and Abuja, and we also made sure everything that would make our clients encounter trouble either investing in or building to live on these properties was eliminated.

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